Dill Pickle Dip by Archer Farms

You honestly never know what you’ll find when you’re wandering around Target.  My first impression, based on just looking at the jar of this dip wasn’t a good one.  Surprisingly, this dip is excellent.  It has a very tasty dill flavor with plenty of pickle chunks strewn throughout the white dip.  My taster and I prefer to have this with chips, but I’m sure there are other taste combinations out there for the more adventurous.  I think my only complaint is about the jar itself.  When you get down to some of the smaller chips, it’s tough to get your fingers into the jar without them getting covered with dip.

1 Response to Snacks

  1. baahnvoyage says:

    This sounds interesting.. and tasty too! What is the base of the dip? I’d like to try it.. but my nearest Target is on another continent!

    Thanks 😀

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