Garilc Scapes by Bald Mountain

Scapes really lend themselves to pickling. Their mild garlic flavor adds to an overall excellent brine that is neither too vinegary nor too salty. The brine itself is delicious, and could actually stand on it’s own. I was tempted to slice up some cucumbers and stick them back in to the jar. These were by far, the best pickled vegetables I’ve had so far, and I was extremely disappointed when I finally finished them.

I only have two small complaints, and neither of them are the fault of Bald Mountain Garlic Farms. Garlic scapes have a texture similar to asparagus, and as such, they can have a bite that ranges from crunchy to “woody”. I found that a few of the scapes were too woody for my tastes, but on the whole, their texture was generally perfect. Secondly, I had an extremely difficult time opening the jar. Neither of these “problems” stopped me from my overall enjoyment. I highly recommend visiting their web page, and asking when they’ll have more pickled scapes available.

Ingredients: garlic scapes, vinegar, spices, dill, salt

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