Sweet Pickled Watermelon Rind by Old South

Half of the enjoyment I get from a pickle relies heavily on texture.  When I first opened this jar, the brine smelled excellent.  It was sweet and vinegary, and I fully expected to really enjoy this odd pickle.  The first bite was ok.  There was still a bit of watermelon skin on it which made it quite chewy, but the overall flavor was OK.  If a cucumber was in the brine, it would have tasted just fine.  The second bite was just wrong.  The texture reminded me of congealed fat or really old jello.  I had an extremely hard time actually swallowing the whole bite.  I’m not even sure if adding these to another dish would help since you’d just find little nasty pickly surprises in whatever it was you made.

Ingredients: Watermelon rind, corn syrup, sugar, water, vinegar, salt, spices, and 1/10 of 1% soduim benzoate (preservative).

Pickled Sour Grapes by Sadaf

These were definitely not what I was expecting.  The brine is much more sour than the actual grapes are, but still very tasty.  These taste more like a sour pickle than anything else.  The brine has a metallic aftertaste to it, but again, not entirely unpleasant.  The grapes were very enjoyable.  They were salty, and definitely pickled, but they still had that awesome grape snap to them when you chew them.  The grapes are on the smaller size, and you have to be careful for the occasional stem, but otherwise these were fun to eat.  They would probably be great added to a salad or even by themselves.  Maybe as a desert pickle?  If you see them in the store, definitely try them out.

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